Bible Translations–Which One?

It seems every year there is yet another translation of God’s Holy Word, the Bible.  Which one is best, which one should we use and does it really matter?

Many Christians, mature in their faith will tout that the King James Version is the only reliable and true translation of God’s Word.  This comes from a solid background and history of which many people will never deviate. For more information on this debate see: with Pastor John MacArthur.

The goal here is to create an excitement and passion for God’s word and although I will never recommend a paraphrased Bible that translates outside of original context, it should be helpful to offer translations inside those bounds that can offer easier reading and meanings for those seeking.  The following website has an easy to read and visualize guide to popular translations from the word-for-word interlinear Greek and Hebrew through the conversational Message translation.  I think you will find this site to be very very helpful.

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