Welcome to this site about standing firm in our faith in Christ!  So what in the world does “There Must Be Something More” mean?  And why the certain image (which is actually a portion cropped from one of my paintings)?  One of the many things I think we all face at one time in our lives is a sense of non-fulfillment…no matter how much success, beauty, popularity etc. we may have.

Have you ever wondered why you may have felt a feeling of emptiness or loneliness even in a filled room? Or ever wondered how some folks who have very little can be so happy “all the time“?

King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that God placed eternity in everyone’s heart; meaning He created everyone with a God-sized hole in our hearts; further meaning that there is a part of our heart, a part of our sense of fulfillment that can only be satisfied by connecting with God.

If we have everything (as Solomon did or perhaps as Bill Gates does have) but do not have a connection with our Creator God, then we will spend our lives chasing after “the wind” says Solomon.  We will chase a career, family, approval, love, and everything else we can think of in order to feel fulfilled, but because those things are not eternal, we will never feel long-term satisfaction and contentment in life.  Not even King Solomon who had wealth, power, women, success, family and royalty could declare life to be anything but vanity without God and seeking God’s Will (Ecc. 12:13).

Therefore, the cropped painting portion reveals a two beautiful people amongst a backdrop hinting of success; yet her eyes are sad, internally seeking for something more.  Many people don’t know “what” that “more” is; however, it is my desire and passion that this site will help us all discover what that “more” means to each of us in our own relationship with Christ.

Many people ask “How do I know the Will of God?” or “How do I hear the voice of God?” or “How do I know it’s God speaking and not my own desires?”, these are the questions that hopefully this site will help make more clear, especially with your shared insights so we can all be more useful “clear vessels” for God’s work in the hearts of all. May we all grow as “iron sharpens iron” and may His love touch you in ways that will bring you joy and satisfaction and ignite new passions for His glory.

Many Blessings,

Annaphoto 2 (2)