About me (*)

Welcome to the grammatically incorrect page!


(*)  I know, I know…”me” is supposed to be capitalized when part of a title…but it’s it’s really NOT about me; it’s about Jesus doing a good work in me, so it’s HIM that is the focus and it’s because of Him that I am able to present these fun and exciting portfolio topics…so here is a BIG welcome from little-m-me!

Welcome to this ministry portfolio where I’m allowed to share a bit about myself!  Beyond this page lay samples of how God has worked in one person, renewing, maturing and shaping a heart; one that was found cast aside, wounded and prideful, to one that now feels accepted, appreciated and even adored through character-building trials; but all done in order to love others well and reveal truth for His glory.  Much of that learning occurred on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary or it’s online forum, where acquired knowledge is only part of the educational process; that learning to interact with the community in loving and accepting relationships brought forth a new eye-opening truth.  It is my prayer that something here will inspire you to take the next step in a direction you feel you’re being led.

I look forward to any comments, requests and questions.IMG_2289_2


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