Ministry Resume

Washington State University 1986
California Institute of Technology 2006
George Washington University 2007
Dallas Theological Seminary 2011-2016
Trinity Law School Internship Program for Dallas Theological Seminary (2015)
Supporting Graduate Master’s Degree of Christian Education (MACE)
Expected graduation date is 2016
(Scroll down for Aerospace Corporation Resume: Project Engineer and Project Manager Responsibilities)
Ministry Internship Objective:
 Develop and implement an exegetically written Christian Reflection to be used as a tool for Christian Law Professors to incorporate an opening classroom devotional addressing common law student dilemmas such as anxiety for the Bar Exam, perseverance, procrastination, time efficiency, balancing work/school/family, stress, and other topical studies.
Working concurrently with this effort is a development of an exegetically written Devotional for all audiences to be posted and collected on Salt and Light Global social justice website.  This effort will balance the efforts of Christian social justice with the personal development of becoming more Christ-like in our daily lives.
Ministry Vision:

I see myself working in a writing capacity; whether similar to this current internship project, or with additional venues; but our Lord has placed a passion in my heart to express His glory in writing. The most stirring topics include personalized spiritual formation tools and methods to help believers grow in the basics of gaining God’s wisdom. Included in this vision is the interaction of many people; learners, teachers, mentors and friends.  Since DTS trains its students to develop theses and interpretive qualities of every book in the Bible, I look forward to graduating with a confidence in knowing how to teach God’s Word exegetically, historically, culturally, and theologically to all levels of audiences.

Dallas Theological Seminary Training:

As a Dallas Theological Seminary student I have developed competencies of knowledge, abilities and skills, and beliefs and values to help evangelize the world and build the Church. Specific competencies are developed in each professional degree program, but all masters-level Dallas Theological Seminary students are to develop competency in:

  • Biblical Interpretation – The Bible in its historical, literary, and theological contexts in order to apply and communicate the Scriptures
  • Theology – Committed to a doctrinal position consistent with historic Christian orthodoxy, derived from Scripture and measured by general agreement with the doctrinal statement of the Seminary, and is able to articulate sound doctrine in a variety of cultural settings.
  • Communication – Able to persuade others with respect to biblical and theological truth through oral, written, and electronic media.
  • Christian Spirituality – Demonstrated increasing love and devotion to God and loving service to others.  Four semesters of Mentor relationships for strong Spiritual growth and sanctification.
  • Servant Leadership – Modeled servant leadership and equipped others in a God-given direction through Christlike character, leadership capability, and love.
  • Cultural Engagement – Demonstrated appreciation for the many dimensions of ongoing public-square and global conversations related to social, cultural, religious, biblical, and theological concerns, and develops a biblical Christian perspective that results in knowledgeable, compassionate dialogue with appropriate evangelistic engagement.

Specifically, for the Christian Education Program (merged with Christian Leadership and Spiritual Formation):

The goal is to contribute to the Seminary’s purpose of developing godly educators and servant-leaders through the use of:

  1. Leadership studies and courses to develop student knowledge and competency in leadership
  2. Biblical curriculum in a relational context designed to encourage character development and spiritual maturity through community
  3. Contextually based internship experiences  students integrate classroom studies and character growth with field ministry as they acquire, reinforce, and refine ministry knowledge and skills.
  4. All books of the Bible are studied, examined and taught in the curriculum of DTS.
  5. The Christian Education Department provides the training required in order to teach all 66 books of the Bible (biblically, theologically, culturally and historically).

Ministry Experience:

Writing Ministry 2015:  Saddleback Church Lake Forest CA

Interview personal stories of hope; write and publish in Saddleback Newsletter and various electronic media.

Writing Ministry 2015:  Salt and Light Global (Christian Social Justice World-Wide Website)

Write and publish monthly devotionals in order to encourage and grow Christians around the globe to live and develop a stronger Christ-like life.

Hospital Ministry 2015:  Saddleback Church Lake Forest CA

Visit and encourage those in long term care at Saddleback Regional Hospital.

Biblical Counselor 2011, 2013-2014:  Saddleback Church Lake Forest CA

Comforted, encouraged, taught and led hurting women through trained techniques and the Word of God.  Established biblical study tools for a Spiritual development in women.

SHAPE Guide 2012-2013:  Saddleback Church Lake Forest CA

Researched and interviewed new members for the best fit into one of Saddleback’s 500 ministries by understanding their Spirit, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experience.

Bible Study Leader 2010-2011:  Saddleback Church Irvine CA

Table leader of 7-9 women through various studies incorporating video and live teaching.  Developed study aids and research topics for additional knowledge of Spiritual disciplines that can be applied to life’s circumstances.

Corporate Work Experience that will enhance any ministry experience:

Project Engineer/Manager  2013-Current

Various Engineering firms based on contracted length of time.

Experience Summary:
Fifteen years experience in Industrial Engineering, Project Engineering, Project Management, Communications and implementation as applied to manufacturing, engineering, finance, Quality, planning, scheduling, management and change implementation. Includes leading teams, identifying resource requirements, Work Breakdown Structures, Projected Costs and Schedule risks, Impact to other programs assessments, Program milestones and Responsibility Matrices and Presentations to Corporate level executives.  Projects/Programs included B2 Bomber Outboard Section (LHOBS); B2 Avionics including black box (flight data recorder); Joint Strike Fighter Flight Test and Program Planning; KC135 and F18 Aerial Refueling hose assemblies. Specialized in Engineering Change Impacts to overall program delivery and health.

Project Manager

Sargent Fletcher

Professional Experience:
Sargent Fletcher Inc. Project Manager 2007
Corporate-level team project manager of Engineering, Quality, Procurement, Manufacturing, Finance and New Business for future growth utilizing the Phase Review Life Cycle Management process.  Interfaced with cross functional teams and management to facilitate, prioritize and communicate requirements of the project scope and definition.

Established/Developed and identified and presented to cross organizational management:
Engineering Design, implementation and changes
Work Breakdown Structures
Budget and EACs
Resource Allocation
Risk Mitigation plans
Responsibility Matrices
Change Control (Contractual and Engineering)
Detailed and integrated schedules with milestones and deliverables

-Process Improvement techniques
-Weekly Team Meetings
-Monthly Executive and Corporate Briefings/Phase Reviews
-Cross functional impact analysis
-Communication skills to develop vendor and customer relationships, both verbal and written.

Project Management Scheduling and Flight Test Coordinator

Northrop Grumman Corporation

August 2005 – May 2007

Northrop Grumman Project Manager and Planning Operations
Flight Test Systems Integration and Project Management Planning             2005-2007

Plan, Implement and Manage Flight Test Change and Implementation Plan Procedures, including impact analysis and schedule for Engineering changes. Apply Systems Engineering techniques to Processes and Procedures.
Manage information of impacts to the flight test program (engineering, parts, manufacturing, etc.)
Manage the Incorporation of Value Stream Mapping to identify, delete, and re-evaluate processes for Customer deliverables.
Manage and assess Engineering Changes to determine impacts.  Present to Flight Test Director for “go ahead” on Change implementation.

Developed and assessed project issues and resolutions to meet productivity, quality and client-satisfaction goals and objectives; developed metrics for monitoring project progress. Scheduled project details from design, fabrication, tooling, procurement, installation and final assembly stages of deliverable. Utilized Project schedules and Visibility charts.
Interfaced with Integrated Product Team Members and communicated Risk assessments and identified schedule conflicts. Utilized communication skills to keep a high stress work environment focused on key issues.

Project Engineer and Industrial Engineer

Northrop Grumman Corporation

February 1990 – September 1996

Transitioned from Industrial Engineer to Project Engineer responsible for the Disk Drive Unit, and Flight Data Recorder of the B2 prior to flight. Presented the engineering change requests to boards for approval, then once approved, initiated the teams to begin incorporating the engineering change which would vary between simple to very complex. Included crucial data from Engineering,Contracts, Purchasing, Fabrication/Manufacturing, Suppliers, Quality, Finance, Industrial Engineers, and other necessary departments to implement the change without impeding delivery to the customer and first flight of the air vehicle. The success of each change depended on coordination, communication and critical planning for each department in which it became part of the “whole” which was again presented to the customer and Air Force for milestone reports and work around plans if needed. This role required objective and subjective thought processes–from reading and explaining engineering drawings to creative problem solving and meticulous detail planning.

Project Engineer

Northrop Grumman Corporation

January 1993 – January 1996 (3 years 1 month)

Project Engineer
Northrop Grumman Corporation, B-2 Division              1993 – 1996

Customer and Air Force B-2 Program Technical focal point for Avionics Engineering Change Integration.
Presented technical issues, schedule impacts, cost and performance schedules to Customer and management for approval.
Presented Risk Management analysis to the Customer (USAF).
Creatively resolved technical conflicts and issues with the delivery of the air vehicle.
Traveled to supplier states to review supplier part engineering drawings, their fabrication processes, tooling and part delivery schedules. Professionally teamed with Design Engineering, Stress Engineering, Quality Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Flight Test, Logistics, Materiel, Procurement, Finance Master Planning and the Program Office to ensure quality and timely implementation of engineering changes.

Industrial Engineer

The Boeing Company

September 1986 – January 1990 (3 years 5 months)Seattle WA and Palmdale CA

Industrial Engineering duties of shop floor work loads, manpower, schedules and reporting of the ACS and FCS for the B2 Units 1,2 and subsequent (as needed).

One thought on “Ministry Resume

  1. Frederick says:

    Unbelievable, staggering, amazing, over-the-top, what a almost perfect creation of God you are, and how God used you then, and is using you now, and will use you in the future. You had it all. But aerospace cannot satisfy our deepest longing. We long to see and be used of God. The leaves of life are rustling until we do, and we won’t be satisfied until then! as you have found out. Bless You Anna, Frederick 8/2/’15

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